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reaches the boiling point, add the butter and flour, stirring briskly until it thickens and becomes like cream. Have ready three cold hard-boiled eggs, sliced and chopped, add them to the sauce ; let them heat through thoroughly, and serve in a boat. If you have plenty of cream, use it and omit the butter. By omitting the eggs, you have the same as " White Sauce."


TAKE a pint of oysters and heat them in their own liquor long enough to come to a boil, or until they begin to ruffle. Skim out the oysters into a warm dish, put into the liquor a teacup of milk or cream, two tablespoonf uls of cold butter, a pinch of cayenne and salt ; thicken with a t'ablespoonful of flour stirred to a paste, boil up and then add the oysters.

Oyster sauce is used for fish, boiled turkey, chickens and boiled white meats of most kinds.


PUT the coral and spawn of a boiled lobster into a mortar with a tablespoonf ul of butter; pound it to a smooth mass, then rub it through a sieve; melt nearly a quarter of a pound of sweet butter, with a wineglass of water or vinegar ; add a teaspoonf ul of made mus- tard, stir in the coral and spawn, and a little salt and pepper ; stir it until it is smooth and serve. Some of the meat of the lobster may be chopped fine and stirred into it.


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ONE cupful of milk heated to a boil and thickened with a table- spoonful of cornstarch previously wet up with cold water, the liquor from the salmon, one great spoonful of butter, one raw egg beaten light, the juice of half a lemon, mace and cayenne pepper to taste. Add the egg to thickened milk when you have stirred in the butter and liquor ; take from the fire, season and let it stand in hot water three minutes, covered. Lastly put in lemon juice and turn out immedi- ately. Pour it all over and around the salmon.


To ONE gill of boiling water add as much milk ; stir into this while boiling two tablespoonfuls of butter gradually, one tablespoonful of

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