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more. If neither capers nor nasturtiums are at hand, some pickles chopped up form a very goad suJDetitute. in the sauce.


ONE cup of stale bread crumbs, one onion, two ounces of butter, pepper and salt, a litle mace. Cut the onion fine, and boil it in milk till quite soft ; then strain the milk on to the stale bread crumbs, and let it stand an hour. Put it in a saucepan with the boiled onion, pep- per, salt and mace. Give it a boil, and serve in sauce tureen. This sauce can also be used for grouse, and is very nice. Roast partridges are nice served with bread crumbs, fried brown in butter, with cran- berry or currant jelly laid beside them in the platter.


TAKE a quart can of tomatoes, put it over the fire in a stewpan, put in one slice of onion and two cloves, a little pepper and salt ; boil about twenty minutes ; then remove from the fire and strain it through a sieve. Now melt in another pan an ounce of butter, and as it melts, sprinkle in a tablespoonf ul of flour ; stir it until it browns and froths a little. Mix the tomato pulp with it, and it is ready for the table.

Excellent for mutton chops, roast beef, etc.


WORK together until light a heaping tablespoonf ul of flour and half a cupful of butter, and gradually add two cups of boiling milk; stir constantly until it come to a boil; then stir into that four tender boiled onions that have been chopped fine. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with boiled veal, poultry or mutton.


BOIL together two dozen ripe tomatoes, three small green peppers, or a half teaspoonf ul of cayenne pepper, one onion cut fine, half a cup of sugar. Boil until thick ; then add two cups of vinegar ; then strain the whole, set back on the fire and add a tablespoonful of salt, and a teaspoonful each of ginger, allspice, cloves and cinnamon ; boil all five minutes, remove and seal in glass bottles. This is very nice.

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