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half an hour longer, and when cold it is fit for use. Four tablespoon- fuls of made mustard should be added with the other ingredients.


BKEAK the heads into small pieces and boil ten or fifteen minutes in salt and water ; remove from the water and drain carefully. When cold, place in a jar, and pour over it hot vinegar, in which has been scalded a liberal supply of whole cloves, pepper, allspice and white mustard. Tie the spices in a bag, and, on removing the vinegar from the fire, stir into each quart of it two teaspoonfuls of French mus- tard, and half a cup of white sugar. Cover tightly and be sure to have the vinegar cover the pickle.


TAKE two dozen large, green, bell peppers, extract the seeds by cutting a slit in the side (so as to leave them whole). Make a strong brine and pour over them ; let them stand twenty-four hours. Take them out of the brine, and soak them in water for a day and a night ; now turn off this water and scald some vinegar, in which put a small piece of alum, and pour over them, letting them stand three days. Prepare a stuffing of two hard heads of white cabbage, chopped fine, seasoned slightly with salt and a cup of white mustard seed; mi* it well and stuff the peppers hard and full ; stitch up, place them in a stone jar, and pour over spiced vinegar scalding hot. Cover tightly.


SELECT firm, sound, green peppers, and add a few red ones as they are ornamental and look well upon the table. With a sharp knife re- move the top, take out the seed, soak over night in salt water, then fill with chopped cabbage and green tomatoes, seasoned with salt, mus- tard seed and ground cloves. Sew on the top. Boil vinegar sufficient to cover them, with a cup of brown sugar, and pour over the mangoes. Do this three mornings, then seal.

CHOWCHOW. (Superior English Recipe.)

THIS excellent pickle is seldom made at home, as we can get the imported article so much better than it can be made from the usual recipes. This we vouch for being as near the genuine article as can

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