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PAKE and seed ripe cucumbers. Slice each cucumber lengthwise into four pieces, or cut it into fancy shapes, as preferred. Let them stand twenty-four hours covered with cold vinegar. Drain them; then put them into fresh vinegar, with two pounds of sugar and one ounce of cassia buds to one quart of vinegar, and a tablespoonful of salt. Boil all together twenty minutes. Cover them closely in a jar.


ONE peck of green tomatoes ; eight large onions chopped fine, with one cup of salt well stirred in. Let it stand over night ; in the morn- ing drain off all the liquor. Now take two quarts of water and one of vinegar, boil all together twenty minutes. Drain all through a sieve or colander. Put it back into the kettle again; turn over it two quarts of vinegar, one pound of sugar, half a pound of white mus- tard seed, two tablespoonfuls of ground pepper, two of cinnamon, one of cloves, two of ginger, one of allspice, and half a teaspoonful of cayenne pepper. Boil all together fifteen minutes or until tender. Stir it often to prevent scorching. Seal in glass jars.

A most delicious accompaniment for any kind of meat or fish.

Mrs. St. fohnt.


PICKLED eggs are very easily prepared and most excellent as an ac- companiment for cold meats. Boil quite hard three dozen eggs, drop in cold water and remove the shells, and pack them when entirely cold in a wide-mouthed jar, large enough to let them in or out without breaking. Take as much vinegar as you think will cover them entirely and boil it in white pepper, allspice, a little root ginger ; pack them in stone or wide-mouthed glass jars, occasionally putting in a tablespoon- ful of white and black mustard seed mixed, a small piece of race gin- ger, garlic, if liked, horse-radish ungrated, whole cloves, and a very little allspice. Slice two of three green peppers, and add in very small quantities. They will be fit for use in eight or ten days.


BOIL fresh eggs half an hour, then put them in cold water. Boil red beets until tender, peel and cut in dice form, and cover with vin- egar, spiced; shell the eggs and drop into the pickle jar.

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