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SELECT small-sized, smooth roots. They should be carefully washed, but not cut before boiling, as the juice will escape and the sweetness of the vegetable be impaired, leaving it white and hard. Put them into boiling water, and boil them until tender, which requires often from one to two hours. Do not probe them, but press them with the finger to ascertain if they are sufficiently done. When satisfied of this, take them up, and put them into a pan of cold water, and slip off the outside. Cut them into thin slices, and while hot season with but- ter, salt, a little pepper and very sharp vinegar.


BEETS retain their sugary, delicate flavor to perfection if they are baked instead of boiled. Turn them frequently while in the oven, using a knife, as the fork allows the juice to run out. When done remove the skin, and serve with butter, salt and pepper on the slices.


BOIL them first and then scrape and slice them. Put them into a stewpan with a piece of butter rolled in flour, some boiled onion and parsley chopped fine, and a little vinegar, salt and pepper. Set the pan on the fire, and let the beets stew for a quarter of an hour.


THIS grows in the shape of pods, and is of a gelatinous character, much used for soup, and is also pickled ; it may be boiled as follows : Put the young and tender pods of long white okra in salted boiling water in granite, porcelain or a tin-lined saucepan as contact with iron will discolor it ; boil fifteen minutes ; remove the stems, and serve with butter, pepper, salt and vinegar if preferred.


SCRAPE the stems of the asparagus lightly, but very clean; throw them into cold water and when they are all scraped and very clean, tie them in bunches of eqaul size ; cut the large ends evenly, that the stems may be all of the same length, and put the asparagus into plenty of boiling water, well salted. While it is boilng, cut several slices of

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