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A tablespoonf ul of vinegar put into the water keeps the eggs spreading.

"Open gem rings are nice placed in the water and an egg dropped into each ring.


BREAK the eggs, one at a time, into a saucer, and then slide them carefully off into a frying pan of lard and butter mixed, dipping over the eggs the hot grease in spoonfuls, or turn them over, frying both sides without breaking them. They require about three minutes' cooking.

Eggs can be fried round like balls, by dropping one at a time into a quantity of hot lard, the same .as for fried cakes, first stirring the hot lard with a stick until it runs round like a whirlpool ; this will make the eggs look like balls. Take out with a skimmer. Eggs can be poached the same in boiling water.


ROLL an ounce of butter in a good teaspoonf ul of flour ; season with pepper, salt and nutmeg; put it into a coffeecupful of fresh milk, to- gether with two teaspoonfuls of chopped parsley ; stir and simmer it for fifteen minutes, add a teacupful of thick cream. Hard-boil five eggs and halve them ; arrange them in a dish with the ends upwards, pour the sauce over them, and decorate with little heaps of fried bread crumbs round the margin of the dish.


PUT a quart of hot water, a tablespoonful of vinegar and a tea- spoonful of salt into a frying pan, and break each egg separately into a saucer; slip the egg carefully into the hot water, simmer three or four minutes until the white is set, then with a skimmer lift them out into a hot dish. Empty the pan of its contents, put in half a cup of cream, or rich milk; if milk, a large spoonful of butter; pepper and salt to taste, thicken with a very little cornstarch ; let it boil up once, and turn it over the dish of poached eggs. It can be served on toast or without.

It is a better plan to warm the cream in butter in a separate dish, that the eggs may not have to stand.

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