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CUT raw ham into dice, fry with butter and when cooked enough, turn the beaten egg over it and cook as a plain omelet.

If boiled ham is used, mince it and mix with the egg after they are beaten. Bacon may be used instead of raw ham.


MINCE rather fine one cupful of cooked chicken, warm in a teacup- ful of cream or rich milk a tablespoonful of butter, salt and pepper; thicken with a large tablespoonful of flour. Make a plain omelet, then add this mixture just before turning it over. This is much bet- ter than the dry minced chicken. Tongue is equally good.


CLEAN a cupful of large button mushrooms, canned ones may be used ; cut them into bits. Put into a stewpan an ounce of butter and let it melt ; add the mushrooms, a teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoon- ful of pepper and half a cupful of cream or milk. Stir in a teaspoon- ful of flour, dissolved in a little milk or water to thicken, if needed. Boil ten minutes, and set aside until the omelet is ready.

Make a plain omelet the usual way, and just before doubling it, turn the mushrooms over the centre and serve hot.


PARBOIL a dozen oysters in their own liquor, skim them out and let them cool ; add them to the beaten eggs, either whole or minced. Cook the same as a plain omelet.

Thicken the liquid with butter rolled in flour; season with salt, cayenne pepper and a teaspoonful of chopped parsley. Chop up the oysters and add to the sauce. Put a few spoonfuls in the centre of the omelet before folding ; when dished, pour the remainder of the sauce around it.


MAKE a plain omelet, and when ready to fold, spread over it fish prepared as follows : Add to a cupful of any kind of cold fish, broken fine, cream enough to moisten it, seasoned with a tablespoonful of but- ter ; then pepper and salt to taste. Warm together.

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