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A FILLET of veal is one of the prime roasts of veal ; it is taken from the leg above the knuckle ; a piece weighing from ten to twelve pounds is a good size and requires about four hours for roasting. Before roasting, it is dressed with a force meat or stuffing placed in the cav- ity from where the bone was taken out and the flap tightly secured to- gether with skewers ; many bind it together with tape.

To carve it, cut in even thin slices off from the whole of the upper part or top, in the same manner as from a rolled roast of beef, as in the direction of the figs. 1 and 2 ; this gives the person served some of the dressing with each slice of meat.

Veal is very unwholesome unless it is cooked thoroughly, and when roasted should be of a rich brown color. Bacon, fried pork, sausage- balls, with greens, are among the accompaniments of roasted veal, also a cut lemon.

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