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BREAD. 241

If these directions are followed, you will obtain sweet, tender and wholesome bread. If by any mistake the dough becomes sour before you are ready to bake it, you can rectify it by adding a little dry super- carbonate of soda, molding the dough a long time to distribute the soda equally throughout the mass. All bread is better, if naturally sweet, without the soda ; but sour bread you should never eat, if you desire good health.

Keep well covered in a tin box or large stone crock, which should be wiped out every day or two, and scalded and dried thoroughly in the sun once a week.


USE for two loaves of bread three quarts of sifted flour, nearly a quart of warm water, a level tablespoonful of salt and an ounce of com- pressed yeast. Dissolve the yeast in a pint of lukewarm water ; then stir into it enough flour to make a thick batter. Cover the bowl con- taining the batter or sponge with a thick folded cloth and set it in a warm place to rise ; if the temperature of heat is properly attended to the sponge will be foamy and light in half an hour. Now stir into this sponge the salt dissolved in a little warm water, add the rest of the flour and sufficient warm water to make the dough stiff enough to knead ; then knead it from five to ten minutes, divide it into loaves, knead again each loaf and put them into buttered baking tins ; cover them with a double thick cloth and set again in a warm place to rise twice their height, then bake the same as any bread. This bread has the advantage of that made of home-made yeast as it is made inside of three hours, whereas the other requires from twelve to fourteen hours.


BOIL six large potatoes in three pints of water. Tie a handful of hops in a small muslin bag and boil with the potatoes; when thor- oughly cooked drain the water on enough flour to make a thin batter ; set this on the stove or range and scald it enough to cook the flour (this makes the yeast keep longer) ; remove it from the fire and when cool enough, add the potatoes mashed, also half a cup of sugar, half a tablespoonful of ginger, two of salt and a teacupful of yeast. Let it stand in a warm place, until it has thoroughly risen, then put it in

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