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THE first cut to be made in carving a fore-quarter of lamb is to sep- arate the shoulder from the breast and ribs ; this is done by passing a sharp carving knife lightly around the dotted line as shown by the figs. 3, 4 and 5, so as to cut through the skin, and then, by raising with a little force the shoulder, into which the fork should be firmly fixed, it will easily separate with just a little more cutting with the knife ; care should be taken not to cut away too much of the meat from the breast when dividing the shoulder from it, as that would mar its ap- pearance. The shoulder may be placed upon a separate dish for con- venience. The next process is to divide the ribs from the brisket by cutting through the meat in the line from 1 to 2 ; then the ribs may be carved in the direct-ion of the line 6 to 7, and the brisket from 8 to 9. The carver should always ascertain whether the guest prefers ribs, brisket, or a piece of the shoulder.

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