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Add a beaten egg to a cup of sour cream, turn it into the other ingre- dients, dissolve a teaspoonful of soda in a spoonful of water, mix all together, handling as little as possible; roll lightly into two round sheets, place on pie-tins and bake from twenty to twenty-five minutes in a quick oven.

This crust is delicious for fruit short-cake.


MAKE a rule of baking powder biscuit, with the exception of a little more shortening ; divide the dough in half ; lay one-half on the mold- ing board (half the dough makes one short-cake), divide this half again, and roll each piece large enough to cover a biscuit-tin, or a large sized pie-tin ; spread soft butter over the lower one and place the other on top of that ; proceed with the other lump of dough the same, by cut- ting it in halves, and putting on another tin. Set them in the oven ; when sufficiently baked take them out, separate each one by running a large knife through where the cold soft butter was spread. Then butter plentifully each crust, lay the bottom of each on earthen plat- ters or dining-plates ; cover thickly with a quart of strawberries that have been previously prepared with sugar, lay the top crusts on the fruit. If there is any juice left pour it around the cake. This makes a delicious short-cake.

Peaches, raspberries, blackberries and huckleberries can be substi- tuted for strawberries. Always send to the table with a pitcher of sweet cream.


PEEL two large oranges, chop them fine, remove the seeds, add half a peeled lemon and one cup of sugar. Spread between the layers of short-cake while it is hot.


MAKE a rich biscuit dough, same as above recipe. While baking, take a cup and a quarter of water, a cup and a half of sugar, and two lemons, peel, juice and pulp, throwing away the tough part of the rind ; boil this for some little time ; then stir in three crackers rolled fine ; split the short-cakes while hot, spread with butter, then with the mix- ture. To be eaten warm.

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