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296 CAKES.

cream ; mix one teaspoonful cream of tartar with the flour and corn- starch ; one-half teaspoonful soda with the sweet milk ; add the milk and soda to the sugar and butter, then add flour, then the whites of eggs ; flavor to taste. Never fails to be good.


WHITES of six eggs, one cupful of sweet milk, two cupf uls of sugar, four cupf uls of sifted flour, two-thirds of a cup of butter, flavoring and two teaspoonfuls of baking powder. Stir the sugar and butter to a cream, then add the milk and flavoring, part of the flour, the beaten whites of eggs, then the rest of the flour. Bake carefully in tins lined with buttered white paper.

When using the whites of eggs for nice cakes, the yolks need not be wasted ; keep them in a cool place and scramble them. Serve on toast

or with chipped beef.


AFTER beating to a cream one cup and a half of butter and two cups of white sugar, stir in the well-whipped yolks of one dozen eggs, four cupf uls of sifted flour, one teaspoonful of baking powder. Flavor with lemon. Line the bake-pans with buttered paper and bake in a moderate oven for one hour.


Two CUPS of sugar, half a cup of butter, the yolks of six eggs and one whole one, the grated rind and juice of a lemon or orange, half a teaspoonful of soda dissolved in half a cup of sweet milk, four cups of sifted flour, sifted twice; cream the butter and sugar, then add the beaten yolks and the flour, beating hard for several minutes. Lastly, add the lemon or orange and bake, frosting if liked. This makes a more suitable lemon cake than if made with the white parts of eggs


SNOW CAKE. (Delicious.)

ONE pound of arrowroot, quarter of a pound of pounded white sugar, half a pound of butter, the whites of six eggs, flavoring to taste of essence of almonds, or vanilla, or lemon ; beat the butter to a cream; stir in the sugar and arrowroot gradually, at the same time beating the mixture ; whisk the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth ; add them to the other ingredients and beat well for twenty minutes ; put in which-

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