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of an hour, give it two more rolls, making seven in all, and it is ready for use when required.


A GOOD rule for pie crust for a pie requiring only an under crust, as a custard or pumpkin pie, is: Three large tablespoonfuls of flour sifted, rubbing into it a large tablespoonful of cold butter, or part butter and part lard, and a pinch of salt, mixing with cold water enough to form a smooth, stiff paste, and rolled quite thin.


Two AND a half cupfuls of sifted flour, one cupful of shortening, half butter and half lard cold, a pinch of salt, a heaping teaspoonful of baking powder sifted through the flour. Rub thoroughly the short- ening into the flour. Mix together with half a teacupful of cold water, or enough to form a rather stiff dough; mix as little as pos- sible, just enough to get it into shape to roll out ; it must be handled very lightly. This rule is for two pies.

.When you have a little pie crust left do not throw it away ; roll it thin, cut in small squares and bake. Just before tea put a spoonful of raspberry jelly on each square.


Two CUPFULS of flour, one-half teaspoonful of salt, one teaspoonful of baking powder, one cup of chopped suet, freed of skin, and chopped very fine, one cupful of water. Place the flour, sifted with the pow- der in a bowl, add suet and water; mix into smooth, rather firm dough.

This paste is excellent for fruit puddings and dumplings that are boiled; if it is well made, it will be light and flaky and the suet im- preceptible. It is also excellent for meat pies, baked or boiled. All the ingredients should be very cold when mixing, and the suet dredged with flour after it is chopped, to prevent the particles from adhering

to each other.


BOIL and mash a dozen medium-sized potatoes, add one good tea- spoonful of salt, two tablespoonfuls of cold butter and half a cupful of milk or cream. Stiffen with flour sufficient to roll out. Nice for the tops of meat pies.

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