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May be used for veal or oyster patties, or filled with jelly, jam or pre- serves, as tarts. Or shells may be made by lining patty-pans with paste. If the paste is light, the shells will be fine. Filled with jelly and covered with meringue (tablespoonful of sugar to the white of one egg) and browned in oven, they are very nice to serve for tea.

If the cutters are dipped in hot water, the edges of the tartlets will rise much higher and smoother when baking.


LARGER pans are required for tarts proper, the size of small, shal- low pie-tins ; then after the paste is baked and cooled and filled with the jam or preserve, a few stars or leaves are placed on the top, or strips of paste, criss-crossed on the top, all of which have been pre- viously baked on a tin by themselves.

Dried fruit, stewed until thick, makes fine tart pies, also cranber- ries stewed and well sweetened.


PEEL, core and slice tart apples enough for a pie; sprinkle over about three tablespoonfuls of sugar, a teaspoonful of cinnamon, a small level tablespoonful of sifted flour, two tablespoonfuls of water, a few bits of butter, stir all together with a spoon ; put it into a pie-tin lined with pie paste ; cover with a top crust and bake about forty minutes.

The result will be a delicious, juicy pie.


THREE cupfuls of milk, four eggs and one cupful of sugar, two cup- fuls of thick stewed apples, strained through a colander. Beat the whites and yolks of the eggs lightly and mix the yolks well with the apples, flavoring with nutmeg. Then beat into this the milk and, lastly, the whites. Let the crust partly bake before turning in this filling. To be baked with only the one crust, like all custard pies.


SELECT fair sweet apples, pare and grate them, and to every tea- cupful of the apple add two eggs well beaten, two tablespoonfuls of fine sugar, one of melted butter, the grated rind and half the juice of one lemon, half a wine-glass of brandy and one teacupful of milk;

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