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of melted butter, one cupful of raisins seeded and chopped, one egg beaten light, half a cupful of rolled cracker crumbs, a tablespoonful of cinnamon, a teaspoonful each of cloves, allspice, nutmeg, salt and black pepper.

Put the saucepan on the fire with the water and raisins ; let them cook a few minutes, then add the sugar and molasses, then the vinegar, then the other ingredients ; lastly, add a wine-glassful of brandy. Very


FRUIT TURNOVERS. (Suitable for Picnics.)

MAKE a nice puff paste ; roll it out the usual thickness, as for pies ; then cut it out into circular pieces about the size of a small tea saucer ; pile the fruit on half of the paste, sprinkle over some sugar, wet the edges and turn the paste over. Press the edges together, ornament them and brush the turnovers over with the white of an egg ; sprinkle over sifted sugar and bake on tins, in a brisk oven, for about twenty minutes. Instead of putting the fruit in raw, it may be boiled down with a little sugar first and then enclosed in the crust ; or jam of any kind may be substituted for fresh fruit.


ONE pint of greengage plums, after being rubbed through a sieve, one large cup of sugar, the yolks of two eggs well beaten. Whisk all together until light and foamy, then bake in small patty-pans shells of puff paste a light brown. Then fill with the plum paste, beat the two whites until stiff, add two tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar, spread over the plum paste and set the shells into a moderate oven for a few moments.

These are much more easily handled than pieces of pie or even pies whole, and can be packed nicely for carrying.


PUT a quart of milk into a saucepan over the fire. When it comes to the boiling point put into it the following mixture : Into a bowl put a heaping tablespoonful of flour, half a cupful of sugar and a pinch of salt. Stir this all together thoroughly; then add the beaten yolks of six eggs ; stir this one way into the boiling milk until cooked to a thick cream ; remove from the fire and stir into it the grated rind and juice of one large lemon. Have ready baked and hot some puff paste tart

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