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LINE small pie-tins with pie crust and bake. Just before ready to use, fill the tarts with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, or what- ever berries are in season. Sprinkle over each tart a little sugar ; after adding berries add also to each tart a tablespoonful of sweet cream. They form a delicious addition to the breakfast table.


AFTER picking over the berries carefully, arrange them in layers in a deep p^e-tin lined with puff paste, sprinkling sugar thickly between each layer; fill the pie-tin pretty full, pouring in a quantity of the juice ; cover with a thick crust, with a slit in the top and bake. When the pie is baked, pour into the slit in the top of the pie the following cream mixture : Take a small cupful of the cream from the top of the morning's milk, heat it until it comes to a boil, then stir into it the whites of two eggs beaten light, also a tablespoonful of white sugar and a teaspoonful of cornstarch wet in cold milk. Boil all together a few moments until quite smooth ; set it aside and when cool pour it into the pie through the slit in the crust. Serve it cold with powdered sugar sifted over it.

Raspberry, blackberry and whortleberry may be made the same.


Top and tail the gooseberries. Put into a porcelain kettle with enough water to prevent burning and stew slowly until they break. Take them off, sweeten well and set aside to cool. When cold pour into pastry shells and bake with a top crust of puff paste. Brush all over with beaten egg while hot, set back in the oven to glaze for three min- utes. Eat COld. Common Sense in the Household.


/ TAKE three cocoanuts, the meats grated, the yolks of five eggs, half

a cupful of white sugar, season, a wine-glass of milk ; put the butter in cold and bake in a nice puff paste.


FOUR eggs, whites and yolks, one-half cake of Baker's chocolate, grated, one tablespoonful of cornstarch, dissolved in water, three

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