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This page needs to be proofread.


two lemons, half a cup of butter, one and a half of sugar (or more, if not sufficiently sweet) ; beat all thoroughly, line patty-pans with a puff paste and fill ; bake five minutes in a hot oven.

Meringue. If desired very nice, cover them when removed from the oven with the meringue made of the whites of three eggs remain- ing, mixed with three tablespoonfuls of sugar ; return to the oven and

delicately brown.


MAKE a rich, brittle crust, with which cover your patty-pans, smoothing off: the edges nicely and bake well. While these " shells" are cooling, take one teacupful (more or less according to the number of tarts you want) of perfectly sweet and fresh cream, skimmed free of milk ; put this into a large bowl or other deep dish, and with your egg-beater whip it to a thick, stiff froth; add a heaping tablespoon- ful of fine white sugar, with a teaspoonful (a small one) of lemon or vanilla. Fill the cold shells with this and set in a cool place till tea is



TIME to bake until paste loosens from the dish. Line shallow tin dish with puff paste, put in the jam, roll out some of the paste, wet it lightly with the yolk of an egg beaten with a little milk, and a table- spoonful of powdered sugar. Cut it in narrow strips, then lay them across the tart, lay another strip around the edge, trim off outside, and bake in a quick oven.


PEEL and grate one cocoanut ; boil one pound of sugar fifteen min- utes in two-thirds of a pint of water; stir in the grated cocoanut and boil fifteen minutes longer. While warm, stir in a quarter of a pound of butter ; add the yolks of seven eggs well beaten. Bake in patty- pans with rich paste. If prepared cocoanut is used, take one and a half coffeecupfuls. Fine.

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