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This page needs to be proofread.


add to them the sugar and the beaten whites of eggs ; work the whole together with the back of a spoon, then roll the mixture in your hands in balls about the size of a nutmeg, dust sugar over the top, lay them on a sheet of paper at least an inch apart. Bake in a cool oven a light brown.


PUT three ounces of plain chocolate in a pan and melt on a slow fire ; then work it to a thick paste with one pound of powdered sugar and the whites of three eggs; roll the mixture down to the thickness of about one-quarter of an inch ; cut it in small, round pieces with a paste- cutter, either plain or scalloped ; butter a pan slightly, and dust it with flour and sugar in equal quantities ; place in it the pieces of paste or mixture, and bake in a hot but not too quick oven.


WASH and prepare four calf's feet, place them in four quarts of water, and let them simmer gently five hours. At the expiration of this time take them out and pour the liquid into a vessel to cool ; there should be nearly a quart. When cold, remove every particle of fat, re- place the jelly into the preserving-kettle, and add one pound of loaf sugar, the rind and juice of two lemons ; when the sugar has dissolved, beat two eggs with their shells in one gill of water, which pour into the kettle and boil five minutes, or until perfectly clear ; then add one gill of Madeira wine and strain through a flannel bag into any form you like.


To A package of gelatine add a pint of cold water, the juice of four lemons and the rind of one ; let it stand one hour, then add one pint of boiling water, a pinch of cinnamon, three cups of sugar ; let it all come to a boil; strain through a napkin into molds, set away to get cold. Nice poured over sliced bananas and oranges.


ONE package of gelatine, one cupful of cold water soaked together two hours ; add to this three cupfuls of sugar, the juice of three lemons and the grated rind of one. Now pour over this a quart of boiling water and stir until dissolved, then add a pint of sherry wine. Strain

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