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to a quart of milk ; flavor and sweeten to taste ; pour over the cake and bake one-half hour. The cake will swell and fill the custard. Serve with or without sauce.


BUTTER pudding-mold; fill the mold with small sponge cakes or slices of stale plain cake that have been soaked in a liquid made by dissolving one-half pint of jelly in a pint of hot water. This will be of as fine a flavor and much better for all than if the cake had been soaked in wine. Make a sufficient quantity of custard to fill the mold and leave as much more to be boiled in a dish by itself. Set the mold, after being tightly covered, into a kettle and boil one hour. Turn out of the mold and serve with some of the other custard poured over it.


Mix well together one-half a coffeecupful of molasses, one-quar- ter of a cupful of butter, one egg, one-half a cupful of milk, one-half a teaspoonful of pure soda, one and one-half cupfuls of good Graham flour, one small teacupful of raisins, spices to taste. Steam four hours and serve with brandy or wine sauce, or any sauce that may be preferred. This makes a showy as well as a light and wholesome des- sert, and has the merit of simplicity and cheapness.


CUT sponge cake in slices, and, in a glass dish, put alternately a layer of cake and a layer of bananas sliced. Make a soft custard, fla- vor with a little wine, and pour over it. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth and heap over the whole.

Peaches cut up, left a few hours in sugar and then scalded, and added when cold to thick boiled custard, made rather sweet, are a de- licious dessert.


BOIL one pint of milk and while hot turn it over a pint of bread- crumbs. Stir into it a tablespoonful of butter, one pint of dried peaches stewed soft. ;When all is cool, add two well-beaten eggs, half a cupful of sugar and a pinch of salt ; flavor to taste. Put into a well- buttered pudding-dish and bake half an hour.

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