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Close the slit by pinching the edges with your fingers. Eat warm with sweetened cream*


SOAK and split some crackers; lay the surface over with raisins and citron ; put the halves together, tie them in a bag, and boil fifteen minutes in milk and water; delicious with rich sauce.


MAKE a batter of one quart of milk and about one pound of flour ; add six eggs, the yolks and whites separately beaten, a teaspoonful of salt and four tablespoonfuls of sugar. It should be as stiff as can possibly be stirred with a spoon. Dip a spoonful at a time into quick boiling water, boil from five to ten minutes, take out. Serve hot with sauce or syrup.


CUT a stale cake into slices an inch and a half in thickness ; pour over them a little good sweet cream ; then fry lightly in fresh butter in a smooth frying pan ; when done, place over each slice of cake a layer of preserves or you may make a rich sauce to be served with it.

Another dish equally as good, is to dip thin slices of bread into fresh milk ; have ready two eggs well beaten ; dip the slices in the egg and fry them in butter to a light brown ; when fried, pour over them a syrup, any kind that you choose, and serve hot.


PICK over carefully one quart of blueberries and keep them on ice until wanted. Put into each bowl, for each guest, two soda crackers, broken in not too small pieces; add a few tablespoonfuls of berries, a teaspoonful of powdered sugar and fill the bowl with the richest of cold sweet cream. This is an old-fashioned New England breakfast dish. It also answers for a dessert.

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