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simmer for ten minutes ; then add half a glass of brandy or a glass of wine. The wine or brandy may be omitted if preferred.


A GOOD sauce to go with plain fruit puddings is made by mixing one J cupful of brown sugar, one cupful of best molasses, half a cupful of butter, one large teaspoonful of flour ; add the juice and grated rind of one lemon, half a nutmeg grated, half a teaspoonful of cloves and cinnamon. When these are all stirred together, add a teacupful of boiling water; stir it constantly, put into a saucepan and let it boil until clear ; then strain.


ONE pint of sour cream, the juice and finely grated rind of a large lemon; sugar to taste. Beat hard and long until the sauce is very light. This is delicious with cold " Brown Betty" a form of cold fa- rina cornstarch, blanc mange and the like.


STIR together one cupful of white sugar and half a cupful of but- ter until it is creamy and light ; add flavoring to taste. This is very nice, flavored with the juice of raspberries or strawberries, or beat into it a cupful of ripe strawberries or raspberries and the white of

an egg beaten stiff.


ONE cupful of sugar, two beaten eggs, one pint of milk, flavoring to taste, brandy or wine, if preferred.

Heat the milk to boiling ; add by degrees the beaten eggs and sugar, put in the flavoring and set within a pan of boiling water ; stir until it begins to thicken; then take it off and stir in the brandy or wine gradually ; set, until wanted, within a pan of boiling water.


DISSOLVE a tablespoonful of flour in cold milk; see that it is free from lumps. Whisk an ounce of butter and a cupful of sugar to a cream and add to it a pinch of salt. Mix together half a pint of milk, one egg and the flour ; stir this into the butter and add a dash of nut- meg, or any flavor ; heat until near the boiling point and serve. Very nice in place of cold cream.

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