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ROSE BRANDY. (For Cakes and Puddings.)

GATHER the leaves of roses while the dew is on them, and as soon as they open put them into a wide-mouthed bottle, and when the bottle is full pour in the best of fourth proof French brandy.

It will be fit for use in three or four weeks and may be frequently replenished. It is sometimes considered preferable to wine as a fla- voring to pastries and pudding sauces.

LEMON BRANDY. (For Cakes and Puddings.)

WHEN you use lemons for punch or lemonade, do not throw away the peels but cut them in small pieces the thin yellow outside (the thick part is not good) and put them in a glass jar or bottle of brandy. You will find this brandy useful for many purposes.

In the same way keep for use the kernels of peach and plum stones, pounding them slightly before you put them into the brandy.

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