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THESE are made or molded into cone-shape forms with the fingers, from the uncooked " French Cream," similar to that which is cooked. After forming into these little balls or cones, lay them on oiled paper until the next day, to harden, or make them in the morning and leave them until afternoon. Then melt some chocolate (the best confection- ers') in a basin set in another basin of boiling water; when melted, and the creams are hard enough to handle, take one at a time on a fork and drop into the melted chocolate, roll it until well covered, then slip from the fork upon oiled or waxed paper, and set them aside to harden.


EAISINS seeded, currants, figs and citron, chopped fine, and mixed with the uncooked " French Cream," while soft, before the sugar is all mixed in, makes a delicious variety. Nuts also may be mixed with this cream, stirring into it chopped almonds, hickory nuts, butternuts, or English walnuts, then forming them into balls, bars or squares. Several kinds of nuts may be mixed together.


GKATE the rind of one orange and squeeze the juice, taking care to reject the seeds ; add to this a pinch of tartaric acid ; then stir in con- fectioners' sugar until it is stiff enough to form into balls the size of a small marble. This is delicious candy.

The same process for lemon drops, using lemons in place of orange.

Color a faint yellow.


MAKE the uncooked cream as in the foregoing recipe. Take the cream while soft, add fresh grated cocoanut to taste; add sufficient confectioners' sugar to mold into balls and then roll the balls in the fresh grated cocoanut. These may be colored pink with a few drops of cochineal syrup, also brown by adding a few spoonfuls of grated choco- late ; then rolling them in grated cocoanut ; the three colors are very pretty together. The cocoanut cream may be made into a flat cake and cut into squares or strips.

With this uncooked cream, all the recipes given for the cooked " French Cream," may be used: English walnut creams, variegated creams, etc.

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