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nature, and, with the exception of that article, it is the most grate- ful, refreshing and digestible of the products of milk. It is a decided laxative -to the bowels, a fact which must be borne in mind in the treat- ment of typhoid fever, and which may be turned to advantage in the treatment of habitual constipation. It is a diuretic, and may be pre- scribed with advantage in some kidney troubles. Owing to its acidity, combined with its laxative properties, it is believed to exercise a gen- eral impression on the liver. It i s well adapted to many cases where it is customary to recommend lime water and milk. It is invaluable in the treatment of diabetes, either exclusively, or alternating with skimmed milk. In some cases of gastric ulcer and cancer of the stom- ach, it is the only food that can be retained. Medical journal


THE currants should be quite ripe. Stem, mash and strain them, adding a half pint of water and less than a pound of sugar to a quart of the mashed fruit. Stir well up together and pour into a clean cask, leaving the bung-hole open, or covered with a piece of lace. It should stand for a month to ferment, when it will be ready for bottling ; just before bottling you may add a small quantity of brandy or whisky.


To EACH quart of currant juice, add two quarts of soft water and three pounds of brown sugar. Put into a jug or small keg, leaving the top open until fermentation ceases and it looks clear. Draw off and cork tightly. Long hland Recipc ,


COVER your blackberries with cold water ; crush the berries well with a wooden masher ; let them stand twenty-four hours ; then strain, and to one gallon of juice put three pounds of common brown sugar ; put into wide-mouthed jars for several days, carefully skimming off the scum that will rise to the top ; put in several sheets of brown paper and let them remain in it three days ; then skim again and pour through a funnel into your cask. There let it remain undisturbed till March; then strain again and bottle. These directions, if carefully followed out, will insure you excellent wine. Orange County Recipe ,

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