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PARE off the yellow rind of four large lemons and steep it for twenty-four hours in a quart of brandy or rum. Then mix with it the juice of the lemons, a pound and a half of loaf sugar, two grated nutmegs and a quart of water. Add a quart of rich unskimmed milk, made boiling hot, and strain the whole through a jelly-bag. You may either use it as soon as it is cold, or make a larger quantity (IB the above proportions) and bottle it. It will keep several months.


HALF a pint of rum, half a pint of brandy, quarter of a pound of sugar, one large lemon, half a teaspoonful of nutmeg, one pint of boil- ing water.

Rub the sugar over the lemon until it has absorbed all the yellow part of the skin, then put the sugar into a punch bowl ; add the lemon juice (free from pips) and mix these two ingredients, well together. Pour over them the boiling water, stir well together, add the rum, brandy and nutmeg ; mix thoroughly and the punch will be ready to serve. It is very important in making good punch that all the in- gredients are thoroughly incorporated; and to insure success, the pro- cesses of mixing must be diligently attended to. (This is an old- style punch.)


THREE lemons to a pint of water makes strong lemonade ; sweeten

to your taste.


TAKE one cupful of ripe hulled berries; crush with a wooden spoon, mixing with the mass a quarter of a pound of pulverized sugar and half a pint of cold water. Pour the mixture into a fine sieve, rub through and filter till clear; add the strained juice of one lemon and one and a half pints of cold water, mix thoroughly and set in ice chest till wanted.

This makes a nice, cool drink on a warm day and easily to be made in strawberry season.


MASH the fresh fruit, express the juice and to each quart add three and a half pounds of granulated sugar. The juice* heated to 180

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