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��grains of tartaric acid. They should all be pulverized very finely. Put the contents of the white paper into a tumbler, not quite half full of cold water, and stir it till dissolved. Then put the mixture from t 1f )^ blue paper into another tumbler with the same quantity of watei, a/id stir that also. When the powders are dissolved in both tumblers, pour the first into the other, and it will effervesce immedi- ately. Drink it quickly, while foaming.


A VERY nice, cheap drink which may take the place of lemonade and be found fully as healthful is made with one cupful of pure cider vinegar, half a cupful of good molasses, put into one quart pitcher of ice-water. A tablespoonful of ground ginger added makes a health- ful beverage.

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