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��Official dinners all over the world are always served after the French fashion, and are divided into three distinct parts. Two of them are served from the kitchen, and the third from the pantry.

The first part of the dinner served French style includes from oysters on the shell to the sherbets.

The second service continues to the sweet dishes.

The third includes ice, cakes, fruits, cheeses, which are all under- stood as desserts, and are dresseed in the pantry.

All principal dishes which are artistically decorated are shown to the President first, then are carried around the table before being carved by the Steward in the pantry.

Fancy folding of the napkins is considered out of fashion ; plain square folded, so as to show monogram in the middle, is much preferred.

The following diagram will illustrate the arrangement of the glasses on the table. (See diagram.)


I Glass for Sauterne. IV Glass for Water.

A PLATE. II Glass for Sherry. V Glass for Champagne.

Ill Glass for Rhine Wine. VI Glass for Burgundy.

Flower decorations on the table are to be in flat designs, so as not to obscure the view of the guests.

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