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CELERY soup may be made with white stock. Cut down the white of half a dozen heads of celery into little pieces and boil it in four pints of white stock, with a quarter of a pound of lean ham and two ounces of butter. Simmer gently for a full hour, then strain through a sieve, return the liquor to the pan, and stir in a few spoonfuls of cream with great care. Serve with toasted bread, and if liked, thicken with a little flour. Season to taste.


PEEL and boil eight medium-sized potatoes with a large onion sliced, some herbs, salt and pepper ; press all through a colander ; then thin it with rich milk and add a lump of butter, more seasoning, if necessary ; let it heat well and s*erve hot.


PUT a quart of dried peas into five quarts of water ; boil for four hours; then add three or four large onions, two heads of celery, a carrot, two turnips, all cut up rather fine. Season with pepper and salt. Boil two hours longer, and if the soup becomes too thick add more water. Strain through a colander and stir in a tablespoonful of cold butter. Serve hot, with small pieces of toasted bread placed in the bottom of the tureen.


BEAT up one egg light, add a pinch of salt, and flour enough to make a very stiff dough ; roll out very thin, like thin pie crust, dredge with flour to keep from sticking. Let it remain on the bread board to dry for an hour or more ; then roll it up into a tight scroll, like a sheet of music. Begin at the end and slice it into slips as thin as straws. After all are cut, mix them lightly together, and to prevent them sticking, keep them floured a little until you are ready to drop them into your soup which should be done shortly before dinner, for if boiled too long they will go to pieces.


ONE cupful of cooked veal or fowl meat, minced ; mix with this a handful of fine bread crumbs, the yolks of four hard-boiled eggs

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