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tie and cork it tight. To use it, mix one teaspoonful of rain-water with one of the eye-water, and bathe the eyes frequently. If it smarts too much, add more water.


WRAP a wet cloth bandage over the head ; wet another cloth, folded small, square, cover it thickly with salt, and bind it on the back of the neck ; apply dry salt behind the ears. Put mustard plasters to the calves of the legs and soles of the feet. This is an effectual remedy.


WASH with water saturated with common washing-soda, and let it dry without wiping ; repeat frequently until they disappear. Or pass a pin through the wart and hold one end of it over the flame of a candle or lamp until the wart fires by the heat, and it will disappear.

Another treatment of warts is to pare the hard and dry skin from their tops, and then touch them with the smallest drop of strong acetic acid, taking care that the acid does not run off the wart upon the neighboring skin; for if it does it will occasion inflammation and much pain. If this is continued once or twice daily, with regularity, paring the surface of the wart occasionally when it gets hard and dry, the wart will soon be effectually cured.


WORM seed, two ounces ; valerian, rhubarb, pink root, white agaric, senna, of each one ounce and a half. Boil in sufficient water to yield three quarts of decoction. Now add to it ten drops of the oil of tansy and forty-five drops of the oil of cloves, dissolved in a quart of recti- fied spirit. Dose : one tablespoonf ul at night.

FAINTING. (Syncope.)

IMMEDIATELY place the person fainting in a lying position, with head lower than body. In this way consciousness returns immedi- ately, while in the erect position it often ends in death.

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