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Take equal parts of tincture of cayenne, tincture of opium, tinc- ture of rhubarb, essence of peppermint and spirits of camphor. Mix well. Dose fifteen to thirty drops in a wine-glass of water, accord- ing to age and violence of the attack. Repeat every fifteen or twenty minutes until relief is obtained. No one who takes it in time will ever, have the cholera. Even when no cholera is anticipated, it is a valuable remedy for ordinary summer complaints, and should always be kept in readiness.


THE only pleasant and reliable cathartic in liquid form that can be prescribed.

Each fluid ounce contains: sulp. magnesia one drachm, senna two drachms, scammony six grains, liquorice one drachm, ginger three grains, coriander, five grains, with flavoring ingredients.

Dose. Child five years old, one or two teaspoonf uls ; adult, one or two tablespoonfuls.

This preparation is being used extensively throughout the country. It was originated with the design of furnishing a liquid cathartic- remedy that could be prescribed in a palatable form. It will be taken by children with a relish.


TAKE half a pound of dry hoarhound herbs, one pod of red pep- per, four tablespoonfuls of ginger, boil all in three quarts of water, then strain, and add one teaspoonful of good, fresh tar and a pound of sugar. Boil slowly and stir often, until it is reduced to one quart of syrup. When cool, bottle for use. Take one or two teaspoonfuls four or six times a day.


ONE pint of alcohol and as much camphor gum as can be dissolved in it, half an ounce of the oil of cedar, one-half ounce of the oil of sas- safras, aqua ammonia half an ounce, and the same amount of the tincture of morphine. Shake well together and apply by the fire ; the liniment must not be heated, or come in contact with the fire, but the nibbing to be done by the warmth of the fire,

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