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Another Method Any Shade: Boil the goods in a mordant of alum two parts, copperas three parts ; then rinse them through a bath of madder. The tint depends on the relative proportions of the cop- peras and alum; the more copperas, the darker the dye; joint Aveight of both should not be more than one-eighth of weight of goods. Mixtures of reds and yellows with blues and blacks, or simple dyes, will make any shade.

Orange: For five pounds of goods y muriate of tin six tablespoon- fuls, argol four ounces; boil and dip one hour and add again to the dye one teacupful of madder; dip again one-half hour. Cochineal, about two ounces, in place of madder, makes a much brighter color.

Purple: For each pound of goods, two ounces of cudbear; rinse the goods well in soap-suds, then dissolve cudbear in hot suds not quite boiling, and soak the goods until of required color. The color is brightened by rinsing in alum water.

Yellow Rich: Work five pounds of goods one-half hour in a boiling bath with three ounces bichromate of potassa and two ounces alum ; lift and expose till well cooled and drained ; then work one-half hour in another bath with five pounds of fustic. Wash out and dry.

Crimson: Work for one hour in a bath with one pound cochi- neal paste, six ounces of dry cochineal, one pound of tartar, one pint of protochloride of tin. Wash out and dry.

Salmon: For each pound of goods, one-fourth pound of annotto, one-fourth pound of soap; rinse the goods well in warm water, put them into mixture and boil one-half hour. Shade will be according to the amount of annotto.

Dove and Slate Colors of All Shades: Boil in an iron vessel a teacupful of black tea with a teaspoonful of copperas and sufficient water. Dilute till you get the shade wanted.


Black: For five pounds of goods, boil them in a decoction of three pounds of sumach one-half hour and steep twelve hours ; dip in lime-water one-half hour; take out and let them drip one hour, run them through the lime-water again fifteen minutes. Make a new dye with two and one-half pounds log-wood (boiled one hour) and dip

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