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FISH. 57

eggs ; stuff the fish rather full, sew up with fine twine, and wrap with several coils of white tape. Eub the fish over slightly with butter ; just cover the bottom of a baking pan with hot water, and place the fish in it, standing back upward, and bent in the form of an S. Serve with the following dressing: Reduce the yolks of two hard- boiled eggs to a smooth paste with two tablespoonf uls good salad oil ; stir in half a teaspoon English mustard, and add pepper and vinegar

to taste.


THE cut next to the tail-piece is the best to boil. Rub a little salt over it, soak it for fifteen minutes in vinegar and cold water, then wash it s and scrape it until quite clean; tie it in a cloth and boil slowly over a moderate fire, allowing seven minutes' boiling to each pound of fish ; when it is half -cooked, turn it over in the pot ; serve with drawn butter or egg sauce.

Boiled halibut minced with boiled potatoes and a little butter and milk makes an excellent breakfast dish.


SELECT a three-pound piece of white halibut, cover it with a cloth and place it in a steamer ; set the steamer over a pot of fast-boiling water and steam two hours ; place it on a hot dish surrounded with a border of parsley and serve with egg sauce.


SELECT choice, firm slices from this large and delicate looking fish, and, after carefully washing and drying with a soft towel, with a sharp knife take off the skin. Beat up two eggs and roll out some brittle crackers upon the kneading board until they are as fine as dust. Dip each slice into the beaten egg, then into the cracker crumbs (after you have salted and peppered the fish), and place them in a hot frying pan half full of boiling lard, in which a little butter has been added to make the fish brown nicely; turn and brown both sides, remove from frying pan and drain. Serve hot.


FIRST fry a few thin slices of salt pork until brown in an iron frying pan ; then take it up on a hot platter and keep it warm until the hali- but is fried. After washing and drying two pounds of sliced halibut,

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