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66 FISH.

oyster sauce. Take six oysters to every pound of fish and scald (blanch) them in a half -pint of hot oyster liquor ; take out the oysters and add to the liquor, salt, pepper, a bit of mace and an ounce of but- ter; whip into it a gill of milk containing half of a teaspoonful of flour. Simmer a moment; add the oysters, and send to table in a sauce boat. Egg sauce is good with this fish.


IF SALT fish, soak, boil and pick the fish, the same as for fish-balls. Add an equal quantity of mashed potatoes, or cold, boiled, chopped potatoes, a large piece of butter, and warm milk enough to make it quite soft. Put it into a buttered dish, rub butter over the top, shake over a litle sifted flour, and bake about thirty minutes, and until a rich brown. Make a sauce of drawn butter, with two hard-boiled eggs sliced, served in a gravy boat.

CODFISH STEAK. (New England Style.)

SELECT a medium-sized fresh codfish, cut it in steaks cross-wise of the fish, about an inch and a half thick ; sprinkle a little salt over them, and let them stand two hours. Cut into dice a pound of salt fat pork, fry out all the fat from them and remove the crisp bits of pork; put the codfish steaks in a pan of corn meal, dredge them with it, and when the pork fat is smoking hot, fry the steaks in it to a dark brown color on both sides. Squeeze over them a little lemon juice, add a dash of freshly ground pepper, and serve with hot, old- fashioned, well-buttered Johnny Cake.


ONE pound of cooked salmon (about one and a half pints when chopped), one cup of cream, two tablespoonfuls of butter, one table- spoonful of flour, three eggs, one pint of crumbs, pepper and salt ; chop the salmon fine, mix the flour and butter together, let the cream come to a boil, and stir in the flour and butter, salmon and seasoning ; boil one minute; stir in one well-beaten egg, and remove from the fire ; when cold make into croquettes ; dip in beaten egg, roll in crumbs and fry. Canned salmon can be used.

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