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May that fair bosom never know
What 'tis to feel the restless woe,
Which stings the soul, with vain regret,
Of him, who never can forget!"


TO LESBIA![1][2]


Lesbia! since far from you I've rang'd,[3]
Our souls with fond affection glow not;
You say, 'tis I, not you, have chang'd,
I'd tell you why,—but yet I know not.


Your polish'd brow no cares have crost;
And Lesbia! we are not much older,[4]
Since, trembling, first my heart I lost,
Or told my love, with hope grown bolder.


Sixteen was then our utmost age,
Two years have lingering pass'd away, love!
And now new thoughts our minds engage,
At least, I feel disposed to stray, love!

  1. To Julia.—[4to]
  2. ["The lady's name was Julia Leacroft" (Note by Miss E. Pigot). The word "Julia" (?) is added, in a lady's hand, in the annotated copy of P. on V. Occasions, p. 52 (British Museum).]
  3. Julia since.—[4to]
  4. And Julia.—[4to]