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1813) he says, " I have, but with some difficulty, not added any more to this snake of a poem, which has been lengthening its rattles every month; "to Moore (September 1), "The Giaour I have added to a good deal, but still in foolish fragments;" and, again, to Moore (September 8), "By the coach I send you a copy of that awful pamphlet the Giaour."

But while the author doubted and apologized, or deprecated "his love's excess In words of wrong and bitterness," the public read, and edition followed edition with bewildering speed.

The Giaour was reviewed by George Ellis in the Quarterly (No. xxxi., January, 18 13 [published February 11, 1813]) and in the Edinburgh Review by Jeffrey (No. 54, January, 1813 [pubhshed February 24, 1813]).