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Canto II. Stanza XX.

After the completion of the fair copy of the MS. of the Bride of Abydos^ seventy hnes were added to stanza xx. of Canto II. In both MSS. the rough and fair copies, the stanza ends with the line, " The Dove of peace and promise to mine ark ! " Seven MS. sheets are extant, which make up the greater portion of these additional lines. The First Addition amounts to eight lines, and takes the narrative from line 880 to line 893, " Wait — wave — defend — destroy— at thy command ! " Lines 884-8S9 do not appear in the first MS. Fragment, but are given in three variants on separate sheets. Two of these are dated December 2 and December 3, 1813. The Second Frag?nent begins with line 890, " For thee in those bright isles is built a bower," and, numbering twenty- two lines, ends with a variant of line 907, "Blend every thought, do all — but disunite ! " Two lines of this addition, " With thee all toils are sweet," find a place in the text as lines 934, 935. The Third Fragment amounts to thirty-six lines, and may be taken as the first draft of the whole additions— lines 880-949. Lines 908-925 and 936-945 of the text are still later additions, but a fourth MS. fragment supplies lines 920-925 and lines 936-945. (A fair copy of this fragment gives text for Revise of November 13.) Between November 13 and

November 25 no less than ten revises of the Bride were