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And who give him his place, has the greatest regard
For the poet, who, singing of pedlers and asses,
Has found out the way to dispense with Parnassus.120
Tra. And you, Scamp!—
Scamp.I needs must confess I'm embarrassed.
Ink. Don't call upon Scamp, who's already so harassed
With old schools, and new schools, and no schools, and all schools.[1]
Tra. Well, one thing is certain, that some must be fools.
I should like to know who.
Ink.And I should not be sorry
To know who are not:—it would save us some worry.
Lady Blueb. A truce with remark, and let nothing control
This "feast of our reason, and flow of the soul."
Oh! my dear Mr. Botherby! sympathise!—I
Now feel such a rapture, I'm ready to fly,130
I feel so elastic—"so buoyantso buoyant!"[2]
Ink. Tracy! open the window.
Tra.I wish her much joy on't.

Both. For God's sake, my lady Bluebottle, check not
This gentle emotion, so seldom our lot
Upon earth. Give it way: 'tis an impulse which lifts
Our spirits from earth—the sublimest of gifts;
For which poor Prometheus was chained to his mountain:
'Tis the source of all sentiment—feeling's true fountain;
'Tis the Vision of Heaven upon Earth: 'tis the gas
Of the soul: 'tis the seizing of shades as they pass,140
And making them substance: 'tis something divine:—
Ink. Shall I help you, my friend, to a little more wine?
Both. I thank you: not any more, sir, till I dine.

Ink. Apropos—Do you dine with Sir Humphry to day?[3]

    his kinsman James, the first earl, who, towards the close of the American war, offered to build and man a ship of seventy-four guns.]

  1. [For this harping on "schools" of poetry, see Hazlitt's Lectures "On the Living Poets," Lectures on the English Poets (No. viii.), 1818, p. 318.]
  2. Fact from life, with the words.
  3. [Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829], President of the Royal Society, received the honour of knighthood April 8, 1812. He was created a baronet January 18, 1819.]