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Page:The Works of Lord Byron (ed. Coleridge, Prothero) - Volume 7.djvu/491

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INDEX TO FIRST LINES. (The first line is given of every Poem, and of each Canto of the longer Poems : that of the Plays is omitted.) A noble Lady of the Italian shore {Poems 1816-1823), iv. 547 A Spirit passed before me : I beheld (Hebrew Melodies), iii. 406 A Year ago you swore, fond she ! (Jeux d' Esprit, etc.), vii. 41 Absent or present, still to thee {Poems 1809-1813), iii. 50 Adieu, adieu ! my native shore {Childe Harold, Canto I.), ii. 26 Adieu, thou Hill ! where early joy {Hours of Idleness), i. 237 Adieu, ye joys of La Valette {Poems 1809-1813), iii. 24 yEgle, beauty and poet, has two little crimes {Jeux d'Esprit, etc.), vii. 76 Ah ! gentle, fleeting, wav'ring sprite {Hours of Idleness), i. 20 Ah, heedless girl ! why thus disclose {Hours of Idleness), i. 244 Ah ! Love was never yet without {Poems 1809-1813), iii. 62 Ah ! — What should follow slips from my reflection {Don Juan, Canto XV.), vi. S44 And dost thou ask the reason of my sadness? {Jeux d'Esprit, etc.), vii. 41 And thou art dead, as young and fair {Poems 1809-1813), iii. 32, 41 And thou wert sad — yet I was not with thee {Poems of July — September, ), iv. 63 And " thy true faith can alter never" {Poems 1809-1813), iii. 65 And wilt thou weep when I am low ? {Hours of Idleness), i. 266 Anne's Eye is liken'd to the Sun {Hours of Idleness), i. 244 As by the fix'd decrees of Heaven {Hours of Idleness), i. 231 As o'er the cold sepulchral stone {Poems 1809-1813), iii. 4 As the Liberty lads o'er the sea {Jeux d'Esprit, etc.), vii. 42 Away, away, ye notes of Woe ! {Poems 1S09-1S13), iii. 32, 35 Away, away, — your flattering arts {Hours of Idleness), i. 15 Away with your fictions of flimsy romance {Hours of Idleness), i. 82 Away, ye gay landscapes, ye gardens of rose {Hours of Idleness), i. 171 Behold the blessings of a lucky lot ! {Jeux d'Esprit, etc.), vii. 75 Belshazzar ! from the banquet turn {Poems 1814-1816), iii. 421 Beneath Blessington's eyes {Jeux d'Esprit, etc.), vii. 82 Beside the confines of the ^Egean main {Poems 1809-1813), iii. 18 Bob Sou they ! You're a poet — Poet-Laureate {Don Juan, Dedication), vi. 3