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The Zankiwank

ing an outbreak for a long time, and here comes the Court Physician, Dr Pampleton, to happily confirm my worst suspicions!”

The children thought it extremely odd that having one’s worst suspicions confirmed should make any person happy. But they were accustomed to the Zankiwank’s curious modes of speech and lack of logic, so that they wisely held their tongues in silence. The newcomer was of very remarkable appearance. He was tall and slim like the Zankiwank, but instead of having the ordinary shaped head and face, he carried on his shoulders a sheep’s head, and in his veins (so they heard afterwards) ran sheep’s blood. At one period of his existence he had been well-known for his wool-gathering propensities, and he was now strongly recommended as being able to commit more mistakes and blunders in half-an-hour than a school boy could in a whole school term. He had one great virtue, however, and that was that he would always instantly apologise for any error he might make.

He never travelled without his medicine chest,