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The Zankiwank

And when you pass the Cableland
Say nothing to the Gableland
Because it hurts the guard.”

“We must put that porter back in the bottle,” said the Jackarandajam, “we shall want some bottled porter to drink on the road.”

“Well,” said Maude, “what a ridiculous thing to say. We don’t bottle railway porters, I am sure.”

“I wish the Bletherwitch would come,” exclaimed the Zankiwank, “we shall miss the next train. She is most provoking. She promised to be here three weeks ago, and we have been waiting ever since.”

This astounding statement quite disturbed Willie, who almost swallowed a bun in his excitement. Had he and Maude been waiting there three weeks as well? What would they think at home? You see Maude and Willie, who were brother and sister, had been on a visit to their grandmama; and on their way home they had fallen asleep in the carriage, after having repeated