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The Zankiwank

She’d be the darling of my heart,
But she has grown so silly!
There is no wild flower in the land
That’s half so tame as Daisy;
To her I’d give my heart and hand,
But fear I’d drive her crazy!

And then there is the Cabbage Rose,
Also the China Aster;
But Buttercup with yellow nose
Would cause jealous disaster.
Forget-me-not, O Violet dear!
Primrose, you know my passion!
For all the plants afar—anear
I court in flowery fashion!

“Oh, please be serious!” cried Willie. “What is the matter with you, Mr Zankiwank?”

You will perceive that Willie and Maude were quite at home in their new surroundings, and nothing seemed to surprise them one whit, not even the unexpected which they constantly anticipated.