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7.—Hampole's Prose Works.[1]

"Of the vertus of the Haly name of Ihesu:" from a sermon of Richard the Hermit on Canticles i. 3. (page 4).

Allanely þay may joye in Ihesu þat lufes hym in þis lyfe, and þay þat fyles jam with vices and venemous delittes, na drede þat ne þay ere putt owte of joye. Also with all þat þe name of Ihesu es helefull fruytfull and glorious. Thare-fore wha sail haue hele þat lufes it noghte, or wha sal bere þe frwytt before Criste þat has noghte the floure, and joy sail he noghte see þat joyeande luffede noghte þe name of Ihesu. The wykkede sal be done awaye þat he see noghte þe joye of God. Sothely e ryghtwyse sekys þe joye and þe lufe and þay fynd it in Ihesu whaym þay luffede. I gede abowte be covatyse of reches and I fande noghte Ihesu. I rane þe wantonnes of flesche and I fand noght Ihesu. In all thir(e) I soghte Ihesu bot I fand hym noghte, ffor he lett me wyete by his grace þat he ne is funden in þe land of [þe] softly lyfand. . . . Sekyrly may he or scho chese to lyfe anely þat has chosene þe name of Ihesu to thaire specyalle, for thare may na wykked spyrite noye þare Ihesu es mekyll in mynde or is nevenyd in mouthe.

8.—Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, under James I. and James II.

Alsua it is seyn speidfull, þat all taxatouris þe tyme of þar extent, warne all maner of man þat of all þair gudis þat ar taxit bathe of bestis, corn, and vthir gudis, within xv dais nixt eftir following þe taxt, þe payment be redy in siluer and golde as is befor writyne. And gif at þe ende of þe saide xv dais, þe payment be nocht redy, þe officiaris of ilk schyrefdome sail tak of ilk man þat warnys payment a kow for v s̃ a ȝowe or a wedder for xij d. a gait a gymmer or a dynmont for viij d a wilde meire and hir folowar for x s̃, a colt of thre ȝere and mare of eild xiij s̃ iiij d. a boll of quhet xij d. a boll of ry, bere, or peiß viij d. a boll of aitis iij d. And gif þe schiref takis þar gudis, he sall ger þe lorde of þe lande, gif he may be gottin, pay þe taxt to þe king and deliuer þe gudis till him. And gif he will nocht, þe schiref sall ger sell þe gudis at þe nixt mercat day or sende þame to þe king on þe kingis costis quhar þe king or his deputis ordanys.—Acta Jacobi I., 1424.

Item, it is ordanit þat of ilk sek of wol þat sal paß out of Scotland, þe Scottis merchande gif he sailys þerwith, or þe Scottis merchande þat sellys it to strangearis sal fynde sickar souerte to

  1. English Prose Treatises of Richard Rolle de Hampole (who died A.D. 1349), Edited from Robert Thornton's MS. (cir. 1440 A.D.) in the Library of Lincoln Cathedral, by George G. Perry, M.A., London. Early English Text Society. No. 20.