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Bibliothèque de Carabas Series.

I. CUPID AND PSYCHE: The most Pleasant and Delectable Tale of the Marriage of Cupid and Psyche. Done into English by William Addington, of University College in Oxford. With a Discourse on the Fable by Andrew Lang, late of Merton College in Oxford. Frontispiece by W. B. Richmond, and Verses by the Editor, May Kendall, J. W. Mackail, F. Locker-Lampson, and W. H. Pollock. (lxxxvi. 66 pp.) 1887. Out of print.

II. EUTERPE: The Second Book of the Famous History of Herodotus. Englished by B. R., 1584. Edited by Andrew Lang, with Introductory Essays on the Religion and the Good Faith of Herodotus. Frontispiece by A. W. Tomson; and Verses by the Editor and Graham R. Tomson. (xlviii. 174 pp.) 1888. 10s. Only a few copies left.

III. THE FABLES OF BIDPAI: or, The Morall Philosophie of Doni: Drawne out of the auncient writers, a work first compiled in the Indian tongue. Englished out of Italian by Thomas North, Brother to the Right Honorable Sir Roger North, Knight, Lord North of Kytheling, 1570. Now again edited and induced together with a Chronologico-Bibliographical Chart of the translations and adaptations of the Sanskrit original, and an Analytical Concordance of the Stories, by Joseph Jacobs, late of St. John's College in Cambridge. With a full-page Illustration by Edward Buene Jones, A.R.A., Frontispiece from a sixteenth century MS. of the Anvari Suhaili, and facsimiles of Woodcuts in the Italian Doni of 1532. (lxxxii. 264pp.) 1888. 12s.