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Chamber Music

String Quartets:
   A minor. Op. 16.
   D minor. Op. 34.
   E flat major. Op. 51.
   C major. Op. 61.
   E major. Op. 80.
   F major. Op. 96.
   A flat major. Op. 105.
   G major. Op. 106.

Piano Quartets:
   D major. Op. 23.
   E flat major. Op. 87.

Piano Trios:
   B flat major. Op. 21.
   G minor. Op. 26.
   F minor. Op. 65.
   Dumky. Op. 90.

   G major. Op. 77. String quartet and doublebass.
   E flat major. Op. 97. Two violas.
   A major. Op. 81. String quartet and piano.

Serenade. D minor. Op. 44. 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bas-
soons, 3 French horns, violoncello, and doublebass.
Sonatina. Op. 100. Piano and violin.

Sonata. Op. 57. Piano and violin.

Rondo. Op. 94. Violoncello and piano.

Bagatelles. Two violins, violoncello, and cabinet organ.