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A Weekly Magazine of Art, Philosophy, Science and
Belles Lettres.

Have you a Nasty Taste in your Mouth?
It is Liver.
You need ONE Twenty-Three Pill.
(Just one.)
Not a Drug but a Live American Remedy.

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A Hitherto Unpublished Letter from Walter Pater.
Charlotte Brontë's Maternal Great Aunt.
A New Catholic History of England.
The Genius of Shakespeare.
Correspondence:—The Mendelian Hypothesis; The
Split Infinitive; "Commence," or "Begin;"
Claverhouse; Socialism and the Individual; The
Dignity of Letters.
Folk-lore Gossip.
The Stage; the Paradox of Acting.
Travel, Biography, Verse, Fiction, etc.

23 in black circle.jpg

The Best Pill in the World for an Irregular Liver.

I suppose it is some lingering traces of the Bladesover tradition in me that makes this combination of letters and pills seem so incongruous, just as I suppose it is a lingering trace of Plutarch and my ineradicable boyish imagination that at bottom our State should be wise, sane and dignified, that makes me think a country