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naut should do the journey between Paris and New York in two days.

The difficulty of carrying sufficient petro-
leum ts the biggest problem in connection with such a project. But that will be over-
come, just as engineers have solved the ques-
tion of carrying enough coal to stoke Atlan-
tic liners. What would Fulton have said if he had been told that steamers would be built of 44,000-horsepower? The Santos-
Dumont VI has an 18-horsepower motor. Who can say how many horse-power the navigable balloon of the future will possess?

The first step in aerial navigation has been successfully accomplished. The era of long voyages in steerable balloons is now begin-
ning, and the crossing of the Atlantic is only one of the vast designs which will be realized sooner than most people imagine. I am persuaded it is possible and I hope to try it.