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sionaries including wives, 5 ladies of the Woman's Board, 5 ordained and about 20 other native helpers, 850 communicants, and over 2,000 probable adherents, in 34 congregations. There are 14 Sunday schools, with 675 scholars; 13 day schools, with 600 scholars; 10 church edifices, and 25 other places of worship. There are $120,000 of church property, and two presses in use. Two periodicals are issued, the Illustrated Monthly, having a circulation of 2,500 copies, and the Sunday School paper, a circulation of 1,800 monthly. The total number of pages issued in 1882 was 2,470,445.

The centres of the Methodist Church South are Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, Toluca, and Leon. They issue two monthly papers, and are giving due attention to educational work.

In 1883 the statistics of these twelve Christian Missions, kindly furnished me by Dr. Butler, are as follows:—

Foreign missionaries, including wives 69
Foreign female missionaries of Woman's Boards. 16
Native laborers ordained 40
" " un-ordained 163
Congregations 264
Communicants 13,096
Probable adherents 27,300
Sunday schools 130
""scholars 130
Day schools 82
Male pupils 1,570
Female pupils 1,516
Church edifices 45
Other places of worship 219
Probable value of church property $462,850
Presses in use 11
Periodicals issued 12
Total circulation of all 14,000
Pages of religious literature issued in 1882 3,570,445
Theological students 36

There has been little display of sectarian bitterness, the different denominations recognizing the importance of resolute mutual