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have been in all about twenty parts issued, which are exchanged for the publications of the scientific societies of other countries, and also sold at one dollar each.

But enough of the history of this institution, though it is necessary to a complete understanding of TLM D322 Huitzilopochtli, god of war.jpgHUITZILOPOCHTLI, GOD OF WAR. its collections. We have merely glanced over these, since to describe them would demand the space of a volume devoted especially to antiquities. It is only recently that they have been catalogued, and the student made acquainted with the locale of some of the rarest historical objects on the American continent.

The most celebrated of these antiquities have been already mentioned,—the sacrificial stone, and the image of the Aztec war god, Huitzilopochtli. As to the latter, let his picture speak for him; it is not known when he was sculptured, but it is known that he was found buried in the great square, in 1790,—that he was again interred, for fear that he might tempt the Indians to their ancient worship, but again exhumed in 1821. Fruitless discussions have been had, as to whether it is Huitzilopochtli, or Teoyaomiqui, goddess of death. It matters not; the