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pared by direction of that indefatigable archaeologist, Mr. Squier, so well known as an authority on Central America.[1]

Four "maps," or charts, are given; the first, a history of the sovereign states and the kings of Acolhuacan, is a non-chronological map, belonging to the collection of Boturini. It is on prepared skin, and represents the genealogy of the Chichimeque

TLM D325 Nomadic period.jpg

(Aztec Picture-Writing.)

emperors, from Tlotzin to the last king, Don Fernando Ixtlilxochitl, and has a number of paragraphs in Nahuatl, or Mexican, It belonged, according to an inscription on the back, to Don Diego Pimental, descendant of King Nezalhualcoyotl. It gives a summary of the wars, pestilences, etc., which destroyed the Toltecs, and depicts the journeyings of the barbarous Chichimecs who invaded the valley of Anahuac, and finally established themselves at Tezcoco.

  1. I deem it a duty to our museums and antiquarian societies to call attention to this series of Aztec manuscripts in possession of Mr. Frank Squier, of 84 Duane Street, New York. This gentleman has assured me that he would willingly dispose of his duplicate copies, at a very low price, in order that these valuable reproductions might be disseminated.