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Tepatitlan, and Zapotlanejo, important towns, with good and varied agricultural productions. The connection with San Juan de los Lagos will be very favorable to the railroad at the period of the fair in that city, which is attended by the traders of near and distant districts.

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"The advantages which will result from the railway reaching the city of Guadalajara need no argument, since it is the second city of the republic,—important by reason of its population of more than eighty thousand souls, its mercantile and industrial resources, and, still more, by reason of its position in regard to the Pacific ports.

"The concession gives the company liberty to select the terminus of the line, and thus it has an ample contour of coast to choose from. By selecting the port of San Blas for its Pacific terminus, the line will start westward from Guadalajara, profiting from the grains, sugars, coffee, brandy and mescal wine, etc., which are produced in its vicinity, as well as in the rich valley lands of Ameca, Ahualuco, Etzatlan, Tequila, and Magdalena. The road will pass